Sunday, November 7, 2010

The goods

It's almost like my family knows me pretty well...

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and the presents have been flowing in. My parents got me a subscription to Runner's World magazine. Jason's mom got me a shirt and mug with a cute, little pair of shoes and the slogan, "Gotta Run". And Jason's dad and sister got me cash and an Amazon gift card that will surely go towards something running related. My Amazon wishlist, after all, is made up entirely of running gear.

To top it all off, Big Oil gave me a heart rate monitor/watch for my 5 year corporate anniversary. All in all, I would say I've made out pretty well!

Despite all my new running paraphernalia, my weekend has been a total fail thus far. My training schedule called for a tempo run this Thursday - 2 miles easy, 3 miles faster, 1 mile easy. Somehow I got my days mixed up...blah blah blah...I figured the 4 mile TeamChallenge group run on Saturday was good enough.

But then Friday night dinner went down (at my favorite Benician restaurant - Vino Paladini), and before I knew it the 4 mile group run turned into a 1 mile solo run. There may or may not have been a few glasses of wine involved in that decision... Oh well. I needed the sleep. And I have to give myself props for at least falling back on that trusty 1 mile run. Something's better than nothing, right?

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  1. Hey, I think it's all about the effort and getting yourself out there -nice work! :)