Monday, November 1, 2010

Drag racing

Happy (late) Halloween! Jason and I celebrated at our friend's birthday-slash-Halloween costume party. Per usual I prayed to the Halloween costume gods that a brilliantly hilarious costume idea requiring little to absolutely no effort would come to me. And this year I felt like they came through for me. (At least a little.) What could require any less effort than to just be ourselves?

Key elements for Laura's costume = Comic book and/or band T-shirt and sideburns.
Key elements for Jason's costume = Solid colored fitted T-shirt and red hair.

Done and done. It's really rather unfortunate that I didn't get a full body photo. Jason looked truly marvelous in my jeans. Yes, he wore my jeans. Yes, we apparently wear the same size women's jeans.

In keeping with the theme of effortlessness, let me go on to tell you about my 11 mile run Saturday morning. Okay, truth be told, there was some effort involved. But somehow I pulled out a 9 minute mile pace. (Okay, more truth. It was a 9:03 pace, but I'm giving myself permission to round down.) I have no idea where this came from! Aside from some blistery feet pain, and a little...delayed digestion (i.e. big burritos the night before a run are not a good idea), I actually felt pretty good. Now if only I could re-create this magical run...

In other news, the jury has reached a verdict. Malibu Half Marathon it is!


  1. I'm still chuckling about the same size jeans. Gotta love Halloween!
    And, yay for the Malibu Half Marathon!!

  2. Laura, just catching up..these costumes are genious. Great idea for next year! I could so easily be Robbie. Happy late birthday!