Thursday, September 16, 2010

Deli meats and yoga

A few tips, brought to you by yesterday's yoga instructor.
  • "Squeeze your chest to your thighs like a Japanese ham sandwich."
  • "Feel that fresh, genoxygenated blood flowing through your body. Sooooo good."
  • "Stand up, one vertebrae at a time, and pivot 185 degrees to your left."

A few follow up comments, brought to you by yours truly.

  • Apparently the Japanese ham sandwich is frequently referenced in yoga. A quick Google image search yields yogis a plenty. But what I would like to know is - what does the actual sandwich look like? Is it named as such because it has very little ham? No ham? I think ham consumption is pretty low among the Japanese...does it even exist? (Oh my, why did I just spend my time researching Japanese ham sandwiches?)
  • No. There's no such thing as genoxygenated.
  • In case you're wondering whether I turned around and then turned just a little bit more, the answer is no. I just turned around.


  1. Come on, I'm sure that last 5 degrees makes a HUGE difference.

  2. ;)
    I like your last bullet point