Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two weeks until the San Francisco 1/2 Marathon

Good thing I'm signed up for the "and 5K" part of the racing festivities! I had been planning on waiting until August to sign up for a race so I would have time to ramp up my mileage. You know, to something more than 0.9 miles / day. But I went for a hilly 3.5 mile run the other week and felt like I handled it pretty well.

Don't get me wrong. It was definitely hard. In fact, Google Earth and I had a bit of a disagreement over it. I was of the opinion that I ran 5 -6 miles. Google Earth insisted it was only 3.5, and (in the end) won the argument. Still, I managed to keep up a reasonable pace and convinced myself I could handle a 5K now. So I signed up.

Now here's my inner turmoil - for completion or for time? Logically I know I should run this race for completion. After all, I have been on the 0.9 mile / day program. I should be satisfied with crossing the finish line and not feeling like death. But, of course, this is not good enough for me.

Instead, I spent part of my evening Googling my past race results. Yes, I Googled them. Because I have never bothered to actually keep track of my race times. (Wow, I'm promoting Google a lot in this blog.) Through my research I learned that my best 5K time was 29:03. How irritating!! :03?!? Seriously? :03?! Argh!!

There's no way I can beat that in two weeks. So maybe a more realistic 30:00. I would like to finish under 30:00. Wish me luck!

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