Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From the archives

I ran my very first race (well, my first race longer than 200 meters anyway) at age 23. It was a 10K and I won. I should clarify...I placed first in my age/sex group.

Okay, there's one more little bitty detail. There were a grand total of four people in that group. And the other three girls finished within seconds of each other and right around an hour and a half. If my 68 year old mother had been a part of our group she probably could have walked herself to a second place finish.

They sent me a ribbon in the mail but I threw it out because I didn't feel like it counted. That's not the best part of the story though.

I ran the race with my roommate at the time. He proudly hung his 3rd place ribbon on our balcony door handle for months. There were three people in his group.

In current events...

For those of you who correctly identified Yoda atop our tree, care to take a crack at what's filling the shelves?


  1. Please. I still display the trophy I got in 2003 (when I was also 23) when I won my age/sex group in a 5K.

    I was the only one in the group. But it doesn't tell that on the trophy.

  2. wow, you are fast! I just feel accomplished crossing the finish line!

  3. I place 3rd in my first race, a 5K at 29:23 - fast time for me, but very slow in comparison to most runners. I think its okay to keep those ribbons, as long as you are honest about their stories :)

  4. Shrek/Yoda...same thing. They are both angels.

  5. That is hilarious about your roommate! I've never run in such a small race before - that's so funny to think about!

  6. It looks like DVDs on the shelves, but the cases all look white which makes me think they're Wii games? Seems like a LOT of games though. Maybe it's a glare...