Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weighing the pain in my ass

More on the topic of yoga funk...boy was I in one yesterday. It occurred to me, just as class was beginning, that I really didn't want to be there. My first thoughts sounded something like, "Are you kidding me?! I have another 90 minutes of this (you can fill in the blank)!" Weird, I know. I usually love yoga.

After much time and consideration, I have concluded that my angry feelings stemmed from frustration. Frustration with my hips. And yes, I mean hips in the plural sense. My hips hurt so I rest. My hips start feeling better so I workout. When I workout I hurt my hips. It's a vicious cycle I just can't seem to kick. I really want to get up off the couch and I can't. It's so demoralizing.


I can't blog about my hip every day, but I know you are all very interested in keeping up to date. You may be asking, "How big is the pain in your ass?" Well let me tell you. In number format. Beginning with the left hip, followed by a back slash, and concluding with the right hip. For example - yesterday I was a 3/1. Today I'm a 1/0. I guess things are looking up?

0 - No pain. Party time!
1 - Pain that's so subtle anyone else wouldn't even notice. But I notice because I know it can very easily turn into a 2.
2 - Noticeable pain, but nothing bothersome.
3 - Not too bothersome, but I'm starting to get worried this will turn into a 4.
4 - Ouch.
5 - Debilitating pain. I'm walking with a limp and need a little help doing things like rolling onto my side.
6 - Now this is a serious pain in my ass. No joke.


  1. Laura, I think your spine may be out of alignment. You should try a Chiropracter?

  2. glad you are improving. Hope you are a 0 soon.
    I will keep my yoga thoughts to myself .